Ms. Jennifer M. Morrissey

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Black Helterline, LLP
1900 Fox Tower
805 SW Broadway

Portland, OR 97205
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Business Immigration

Black Helterline has one of the larger business immigration practices on the West Coast. Our Portland immigration attorneys assist foreign and domestic clients in transferring key human resources to and from the United States. Black Helterline's immigration and nationality practice focuses on business-related immigration such as temporary work visas (including H-1B visas), intra-company transferees, and treaty investors and traders. Our business immigration lawyers in Portland also specialize in permanent residence visas based on professional, managerial or technical skills, including prerequisites such as labor certifications and waivers of foreign-residence requirements.

The firm's business immigration practice involves counseling and assisting employers to avoid employer sanctions and discrimination claims. The firm is home to the immigration lawyers Portland businesses depend on, and also defends employers in connection with alleged violations.

Family Immigration

Our lawyers handle family-related immigration and asylum cases, I-601 waiver cases, DACA, naturalization applications, and defend foreign nationals in removal (deportation) proceedings. The immigration attorneys at Black Helterline have extensive experience litigating against U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (formerly INS) and the Department of Labor in federal, district and appellate courts and the United States Supreme Court.

Through our many years of experience in this area, our attorneys are sensitive to the special responsibility and trust involved in representing foreign clients. Along with legal expertise, the lawyers of Black Helterline possess cultural understanding and linguistic experience that makes our firm better counselors and advocates for our clients. Our firm's language capabilities include Spanish, French, and Vietnamese. 

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