Help! How do I use this website?

  1. Fill out one or more of the search boxes. You can find a lawyer by the type of immigration law they practice, the language(s) spoken in their office, by city and state or by zip code, or by their last name. You must fill out at least one of the boxes in order to get a list of names. You do not need to fill out all of the boxes. We have provided a document to help you choose what kind of immigration lawyer you need.
  2. Once you have filled in one or more of the boxes, click the “Search” button.
  3. You will get a list of lawyers who match your search query. Lawyers will be listed in order of distance from you if you use a zip code in your search. If you do not use a zip code, the names will appear in random order.
  4. Click on a lawyer’s name to see more information about them. Once you decide which lawyer you think will be best for you, contact the lawyer using the “Contact This Lawyer” button.

How much will an immigration lawyer cost?

Immigration lawyers charge different fees for different services, often based on the complexity of your case. When you contact a lawyer listed here, tell them that you are contacting them through the AILA Immigration Lawyer Search and ask them what they charge for an initial consultation.

What qualifies a lawyer to be a part of this service?

All lawyers:

  • have been an approved AILA member for at least 2 years;
  • carry professional liability insurance worth a minimum of $100,000 worth of coverage;
  • have completed at least 9 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) classes within the last year;
  • and are licensed and in good standing with a State Bar Association.

I live in a very rural area, is it possible to retain an immigration lawyer and handle matters via phone/email/fax?

While it may be helpful, it is not necessary to meet with your lawyer face-to-face.

Will I get legal advice from this service?

No, the service will only refer you to a lawyer that specializes in your area of need in your geographic area.

Where can I find general information about immigration law?

One source would be the website of the American Immigration Council.

What if I can’t afford an immigration lawyer?

Unfortunately, the government does not provide free lawyers in immigration cases; generally, you must hire your own lawyer or represent yourself. Certain people may qualify for help from an accredited nonprofit organization for a small fee or even free of charge. In some areas, there may even be referrals available for a pro bono (free) lawyer. For more information on low fee or pro bono help, visit the U.S. Department of Justice’s Pro Bono Program.

How do I file a complaint against a "Notario" or immigration consultant?

The American Immigration Lawyers Association is pleased to publish state-by-state guides to assist injured consumers with information to take legal action against "Notarios" and immigration consultants who prey on America's immigrant community.

You can access these guides by going to our special Notario Fraud website. Please note, you must file a complaint directly with a state, AILA cannot take action for you.

I understand the requirements, so why do I need a lawyer to request deferred action?

While the basic deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) requirements appear straightforward, for many, determining whether they actually qualify can be far more complex. For example, travel outside the United States can result in the denial of request, as can a single misdemeanor offense. Keep in mind that if your request is denied, you will not be able to appeal the decision. It is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney before submitting a deferred action application.  An AILA attorney can review your complete immigration-related history and advise you whether going forward with a deferred action request is in your best interest.  An attorney can also advise you of the potential risks you may face when applying and/or suggest other options that may be better for your particular situation.

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