Ms. Jill McCain


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Immigration Advocates
Suite 900
6 Beacon Street

Boston, MA 02108

So what makes our office different?

Our office will take the time to get to know you as an individual and will always remember that your case is one of the most important things in your life. We get it. We’ve been through it. That is why we chose to do the work we do.

We carefully choose which cases and how many cases our office takes on so that we can give your case the attention, time and effort that you deserve. Just like you wouldn’t want a surgeon talking to another patient while he performed surgery on you, you need an attorney who knows how much time your case requires to give you the best chance at success.

Our fees are based on this same idea. We understand why price is important. We also see why it cannot be the MOST important factor in your decision to hire an attorney. To charge someone a very low fee, an attorney has to take on more cases in order to be able to pay his expenses and take home a paycheck. Our fees are reasonable- they will not be the lowest or the highest that you can find. If we had the lowest fees, we would have to represent many more clients, and the quality of our work would decline. For us, this is not an acceptable way to work. We also do not believe in charging clients high fees just because we know they are desperate enough that they will pay them. I believe strongly that this is not only unethical, but more importantly, it is also fundamentally unjust.

You will also find that our team is incredibly dedicated to you and your case. We go out of our way to make sure that you have the best shot at winning your case. I remember when I stayed up all night without a bit of sleep in order to save one client from being deported.

Other team members have driven across the state to make sure that a document arrives on time. Each of us has taken extra time to stop to listen to a crying client talk about the stress they are going through while going through the immigration system.

We do this work because immigration is a personal story to us, because we are passionate about helping others navigate the same system we struggled through. We want to make sure that your rights are respected, your family stays together, you understand what you can reasonably expect during your case, and you are able to live out the dreams you have in the United States. Everything we do during our workday is motivated by these goals.

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